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Old 22-08-2007, 10:51 AM
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Default OOooops!

The lady I care for had a discharge review today, meeting again with the Alzheimer specialist whom she has seen for the last 8 years or so. Anyway, the doc started proceedings by asking a series of questions.

How many children do you have? 'oh I don't have any'
What about your son Mark? 'oh...who?'
What about your daughter Sue? 'oh...umm...'

Tell me who looks after you 'oh...umm' and she looked at me and smiled.

OOooops...had a feeling this was going to happen at some point. We've not seen hide nor hair, no phone call, no email - nothing from her son since March.

I just had to write it down, it helps with my underlying anger...I can't believe her adult professional children have just left the care of their mother up my Dad. Almost washed their hands of it all....gggggrrrrrrr

Anyway, at the end of it all, I got my hand shaken and kissed on both cheeks and told that these people have utmost admiration for what I have done for the past 7 months...and they have offered me job references for the future. Nice or what!?!
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Old 22-08-2007, 11:18 AM
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great achievement Clanger ... though like you, disgusted by her off spring!!

some people!!!!
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Old 22-08-2007, 11:27 AM
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Nice one,sadly often the same with relatives.
I used to work in ward with special need adults.
Amazing you wouldn't see a relative for months then they would turn up and have loads of complaints.
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Old 22-08-2007, 11:59 AM
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My ole lady visits her Mum after a 11/2 hour drive and she dont know who she is , forgotten she has any daughters, does not remember her husband, only good thing we have her cheque book.

Knuckle Ed.
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