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Old 18-09-2006, 06:48 AM
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Originally Posted by GreatBritishRob
Go back and read it all again Simon.
Nah, dont bother, i mean what the fuck

Nope I bothered and read it again, still stand by what I said, the only ''Dig'' was a joke and it was clarified as a joke.
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Old 18-09-2006, 07:35 AM
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one of the scandanavian countries used to do chop racing, I remember PB doing a little article about it. Thay had a pic of the winner (hardtail ape hangered gsx11 with forwards)
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Old 18-09-2006, 09:09 AM
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I used to not be into the track racing thing. Saw it on a completely different level than riding a bike every day.
I've been riding for 19 years but in the last three, I've finally got it!...The whole roundy, roundy, racy stuff.
I had a bit of an off three years ago and a few mates, who are into R1s & gixers, chipped in and got me a track day as 'get your nerve back/glad your back on the road' present.
I was chuffed to f**k but nervous as hell.

BUT....I've got the bug.
Now I'm no GP / BSB rider & I deffo don't consider myself a riding god but the feeling of your heart in your mouth, your pulse racing and your mind trying to be as purely focused as you can get it, mixed with the thought that if you don't get it right at the fastest speed you can possibly manage, you could possibly be in big trouble.......Man! It's just one of those feeling you have to go back for more.

Now I love chops, fighters, rats & most thing that are two wheeled. If they have been hand build or beautifully crafted, well....that's a bonus as well.
I've owned rats, built mi own fighter, had big road bikes, bikes with fairings, wear mi cut off strewn with patches, sometimes mi combat jacket in the cr*p weather but every now & then I get into my two piece, slider clad suit with Oxtar race boots and get that adrenalin flowing.

So Yeah, I watch the GP and try never to miss a race. but I'll still plan to do the Bulldog or some other bash, get beered up, have a few too many smokes and thrash the night away in food/mud/alcohol stained attire.

Me being a plasic fantastic motorcyclist. (I do draw the line at sicko coloured leathers though )
There's more than one way to skin a cat & I like to use a chainsaw.................
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Old 18-09-2006, 09:20 AM
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I did a bit of racing many moons ago, started on Cubs and Bantams (trust me its scary) and moved on to 250 japs, I had fun but werent good enough to run with the big boys. Got into drag racing for a while but prefered building 'em to running 'em. I watch it on telly when I can cos its better than cars.

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