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Old 17-10-2005, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Abb
It has also been the target of some pretty serious terrorist activity. I hope you are not condoning that aswell? Also, there were some of these idiot protestors kicking off outside Tuffnels depot next to where I work. All because Tuffnels do work for HLS. How right is that kind of threatening behaviour?

Mind you, they did scatter like ants when a truck was driven at them
Exactly my point - you are lumping people who are extreamists in with those that just believe passionatly about something and will do something rather than just talk.
What is the best way to tell them apart?
Killing someone, hurting someone, threatening someone, using non-violent obstruction, informing investors what the company they are inversting in is doing, showing someone that you are very unhappy about what they are involved with, writing a letter to an MP, not buying curtain products, educating people about the facts, moaning, doing nothing.
Your line is in one place, my line maybe somewhere else.
If something IS wrong (no example here), but if something realy is wrong - is an extreamist someone who gets it sorted? Or do the means justify the ends?
Surly the law is what catagorises an extreamist - and if so, what happens when law makers change the law when a protest is working WITHIN the law before the law was changed - now what catagorises an extreamist?
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