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Old 29-12-2016, 10:08 AM
Tricky-Dicky Tricky-Dicky is offline
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Default Trident Bobber/Lowrider build.

I now have a new project that i really didn't expect, with a heavy heart i have taken on this bike T160 Triumph trident chop, due to recently loosing a very good friend, and his family has asked me to take it on and rebuild it/get it running, as there is nobody else that could, or ride it for that matter.

So its been passed to me with the proviso that i build it and ride it for as long as i am able and then pass it back, however in the future i may well buy it, but just don't have the resources right now.

Long story short he was involved in an accident 25-30 years ago and lost his nerve with bikes, but couldn't get rid of it, and always said he would ride again, but due to suffering servers depression in recent years, he has never got any further with it.

Years ago i re spayed it and despite me trying to persuade him that the colour was just wrong, he went ahead and put it together as you see it here, and then it sat in his flat until this sad time.

So to me it only fitting that i build it again and ride it as he always intended, as a kind of rolling tribute, i will be changing quite a lot of things, as there is now way i would ride that colour, and some of the styling is a little questionable, plus there are some safety aspects that need addressing.

Anyway i,ll keep this updated, but don't know just how long it will take me depending on the amount of new parts needed, but its already in my breakfast room sharing with the cat, as there is no way it will fit in either of my sheds, and still have room to work.

I have already decided that as a light hearted tribute the new tank with have BFG on the sides as to my wife he was always known as The Big Friendly Giant, as he was 6.7 ft and weighed 300lbs, and the wife is 5ft LOL!

Anyway here is a pic before it has a quick wash and came in from the cold.

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Old 29-12-2016, 10:16 AM
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Good luck with the build mate, it's in better condition than my current project!!!
The best part of you ran down the crack of your mothers arse!!!
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Old 29-12-2016, 10:28 AM
Tricky-Dicky Tricky-Dicky is offline
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Just a little update, now the bike is indoors and nice and warm, i have started to strip it down, will be changing quite a few things as i go, will keep the pictures coming for those interested.

Have made a heat shield for the high pipes as i am not going to replace them, waiting for some stainless tube to add short turn outs.

Good job i decided to just check the compression and not start it, as the oil feed and return where switched that Harley style master cylinder is going as aside from being mounted on the an extended engine mount, and being right in front of the battery box, so access was very difficult, it also weighed about 8lbs.

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Old 29-12-2016, 12:01 PM
moblow moblow is offline
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Default good luck

hope all goes well with build and hope i can workout how to do a exhaust in a tidy way like on yours, love old brit chops and dont know if my back could take a hardtail these days as it was bad enough at eighteen when i had a gs750 hardtail !!!! 10 psi tyre pressures might help lol
all the best love to see how it ends up tricky
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Old 30-12-2016, 06:41 AM
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I thought it looked good just the way it was, only the back mudguard needed trimming back I thought? You're right about the colour though...
Does my belly look big in this?
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Old 30-12-2016, 10:13 AM
Tricky-Dicky Tricky-Dicky is offline
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Yes its a very 70s style bike, and needs bringing into this century, the rear mudguard has already been chopped back to the swage line and the flip up trimmed down a bit too, just got to weld up a few redundant mounting holes.

Going to have to keep the sissy bar for now as the wife wants to go on it too, and as the last bike i rode had a fairly full seat she might find a pad a little much at here age cough but i have changed the angle for now so it mimics the forks.

The fron MG needs either serious surgery or replacing, i did think of trying to spring support the rear pad, but its going to take too much room, believe me i would make it solo but i know how much the wife likes to be on the back, and i'm such a considerate bugger..cough

Anyway Chinese bar controls and master cylinder along with some other bits will be ordered soon.....i did say i'm on a budget LOL!
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