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section 3 e of that reg states that motorcycles arent included

and seeing as the MSVA is a motorcycle single vehicle approcal test I would say that its also quite happy

rear suspension is not part of the MSVA test, its not even mentioned in the manual as far as I remember, but if its built crap then it will fail under section 14.

I have just looked through the MOt manual and rather interestingly, it states that rear suspension can be rigid on bikes, but the class 3/4 MOT says nothing like that, trike mot is class 3, but section 9.2 is to be used in conjunction with section 2 of the class 4 manual, the only "difference" for class 3 test is that it has info for bike forks

just my opinion, but in "theory" no hardtail trike should pass an MOT LOL

but a hardtail bike is fine

only get out I could think of is the wording with regards to "where fitted as standard" well a trike isnt standard??
nowt of much use here
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