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Hi Craig,

The main things that the examiner will be looking for is that the cable can do its job without fouling etc and that it doesn't pose any danger to you. So if the cables are protected and not sawing into your leg it should be fine.


If the centres of the two wheels/tyres on the ground are less than 460mm apart they will be treated as one wheel. This exists in both UK C&U and various bits of eurobabble from a construction (type approval) point of view.

If you build a machine this way it will be approved, registered and licenced as a motorcycle. So you will have to wear a lid.

The most common example of this is the Piaggio MP3, looks like a 3 wheeler but is a bike. That said they now make one with wider spaced wheels which is a trike (so that people who don't have a bike licence can ride them). A less common example is the bike built some years back around a Dodge Viper V10 engine and for history buffs, NVT's last stand, the Ariel 3 moped was another.

There is a definition of twinned wheels at the back of the MSVA manual in the glossary.


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