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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
'Er, or me, not sure which, got a SAGA magazine subscription some time ago, none of us ever paid for it, so I can only assume, that my mate set us up with it before he passed away, last year! It's the sort of trick he got up to! He put my name on the ChumbaWumba fan club website years ago, for ages I got a load of leftist/Gay rights activist crap coming through the door! Bastard so he was for doing things like that! Anyway Back to tried cancelling a subscription with them? Worse than Readers Digest! They talk to you like you've lost your marbles and got Alzheimers! We've still not mangaed to get the fucking thing cancelled. What's worse, the missus is beginning thnk the mag aint too bad!

No ooooooooooo......... You'll be going on cruises for pensioners and going to tea dances.
Nah probably not.

With my car insurance, SAGA invited me via a leaflet in the post to join some premium group thing they run, so I had to sign up online to see more of what it was about.
That's when it got messy. SAGA online did not recognise my email address even though it was the one I used to join and its the one I used to check and get copies of my new ins docs. So I thought no bother I'll sign in under another email address I use and create a new login for this new scheme. But it would not accept that either. So just to confirm I was genuine it asked me to verify my policy number, which I entered maybe 6 times for saga to say sorry we do not recognise that policy number, go away.

So it appears that they lost my data in the way of my email address and my policy.
I then went down a 2 1/2 month complaint fiasco akin to beating myself with a old cucumber over the head.
End result = nothing
SAGA are muppets. I still have no idea how or why they lost my data.
Imagine phoning up when you've had a shunt for them to say sorry we have no record of that policy number?
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