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Default SAGA car insurance.

Don't laugh at my SAGA car insurance.
You have no idea about the ignomy of receiving weekly junk mail for over 50 years of age.
You may well laugh but it will come to you some day.......

After SAGA gave me silly quotes fir my car insurance for years, last year they came up with a very good deal for my car including top notch breakdown cover.
However in terms of customer service its been like dealing with the Crankies looking after my data and my insurance.

How dim can an organisation be ffs?
I'm not so much angry as incredulous that they could get my info so badly wrong.
Well its saved me from getting anymore insurance of any kind through them and I will not be obtaining a quote from them either.

So just a heads up to the over 50's on the forum and I know there are lots and lots,
Just don't bother with SAGA.
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