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Whatever you buy, know how to use the tools you have, and their limitations.
Its no good putting a length of scaffold pipe on the end of a 3/8 ratchet to give you some extra ummmph. you`ll only only ruin a good ratchet, or socket.
Use a knuckle bar or a larger size ratchet to get the purchase you need.
don`t hammer a perfectly good socket onto a bolt head, as you`ll only end up ruining it, getting a small set of sacrificial impact sockets is ideal for this task. Its not nessesary to buy "complete" sets of tools, as 1/2 of em in there will be of little use to you, buy only the tools you want, & are right for you and your budget, however as everyone will tell you, you will no doubt spend the rest of your life buying the next best thing & upgrading.
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