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Originally Posted by Mrs Reject
Typical innit, no sooner had I waved you farewell with a tear in my eye for Magik (the ZL) then I happened upon the Bikersweb forum to see that it was advertising a ZL owners club. They have ride outs, Ace cafe meets and everything!!! See Eliminator GB thread on Bikersweb below.
I'll bet Mrs Chaz would love that, they even have their own forum. Some of the bikes are tarts handbags though!!! What NOT to do with a Kawasaki Eliminator - do point it out to Mrs Chaz when you get the chance! *Sob*
Bloody hell - I thought you were just sad to see me go! Doh!

Got back 8pm - that's a bloody 17 hour round journey. I think I shall go and lie down now for a week or two.

I shall have a look at the owners club - although Mrs.C is a bit of a technophobe.
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