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Originally Posted by Creature View Post
Hi m8 - good n bad days m8 - have lost 12 stone since May last year, but still struggling with walking and most days struggle to stay awake or find any motivation

yep most are on facebook these days, its ok if you turn everything off plus its just like messenger

yep forums very quiet but its rally season so thats to be expected. but the at weekends even FB goes quiet during rally season.

Hope you are well
10 stone since May 2015 is a hell of an acheivement mate !!!!! Wow !!!! Respect to you

I am surviving which is good by todays standards. My health isnt too hooptie but I keep a lid on it 99% of the time.
I'm lucky to have a positive attitude to most things and thats what keeps me rolling........and taking the piss out of everything generally.
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