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Originally Posted by harry View Post
How about a bit of ciggie packet rubbing on the spokes for a realistic engine sound.
I'm sure some enterprising soul will figure our a way of synthesizing engine noise based on revs, roas speed and engine load and feeding it into your lug ole via a headseat. Result, one silent electric motorsickle, with one happy rider listening to the sound of an unsilenced 100 Cube V-Twin.

Even better, have the gizmo switch selectable with a menu of different, synthesized bike noises. May I suggest:-

Option 1) Triumph T150 Trident
Option 2) Ducati 900SS
Option 3) Kawasaki KH500 etc etc.

You get the drift. I'm sure with all the computing power at our disposal some clever bastard could write an Ipod App that mimicked motorbike noises.

When the legislators have finished chopping the nadgers off our preferred mode of transport, that will be the only way that we get to hear the sound of a proper motorcycle.
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