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I've got a mate who is in a brotherhood club, which seems a good set-up. They also sit on one of the Motorcycle coalitions but are not allied to any backpatch club.

However when I was an active member of my club (MCC) various local brotherhood clubs came and went, but they all seemed to get very political, and be a recruiting ground for the nearest backpatch club. In my club the chairman handles all dealings with the local backpatch clubs, they invariably turn up at the rally for a drink, scope around then slope off after an hour or two.

As the rally was getting really popular we limited the numbers and for the past 5 or 6 years have never advertised it, it sells out in a fortnight normally. We did so because the local backpatch started offering to do security and basically took more of an interest than was healthy for our club as we have no political leanings.

Personally I wouldn't mind being in a brotherhood club, if I could find the right one for me, at some point in the future. However it may not happen as I certainly haven't found anything that fits the bill round here (Norfolk).
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