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Originally Posted by pagan_flame
A lot of RC's and BC's start as splitoffs from an MCC. Not saying every one is, but I can name quite a few...

As people get older and a club has been going for a few years, there will start to be cliques forming. Whereas in the beginning EVERYONE was rallying EVERY weekend - now some are rallying occasionally due to family, work or personal commitments.

Let this fester for a while, and eventually it will come to a head with 'No-one pulls their weight in this club any more we never get any club turnout trophies' and similar whingeing from the Still Rallying Every Weekend clique.

Alowed to fester some more unchecked - it will explode and the SREW clique will leave the MCC en masse and become a RC. And if / when the original MCC folds, there will be a few who Just Don't Want To Move On who will stick together and form a BC.
Sorry, but that still doesn't answer me question. Why the need for the different "types" - RC, BC etc. What you've described is basically 2 different MCCs - one that does loads of rallies and one that doesn't. My point is that for years we've all known what MCs are and what MCCs are. Just because you call it a BC, RC or even a bleedin "Social Club" (as I've seen one or two bike clubs do) doessn't mean it's anything new or different.

A rose by any other name, and all that ...
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