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Originally Posted by Mad Dog
This was ON her thighs. Had a bottle in each hand, and cracked each one over the corresponding outer side of her legs. Both bottles smashed leaving the broken neck ends in her hands which she then proceeded to wave about at all insundry.

Upon production of suitable "protection" by the security team she scuttled off around the toilets where she was cornered. A brief bit of attempted reasoning was followed by a very swift charging headbutt.

Having removed all offensive items, and ensuring she was still alive, we tied her to a tree for the rest of the night.
This sounds just like my mates ex missus.
she used to have real bad PMT and beat the **** out of him every month.
Once we late coming out the pub on a sunday.
So he leaves us and goes into his house,where his missus had cooked him a steak pie for dinner.
Trouble is being a bit late,it was a bit burnt.
So has he sits down at he table he said,i can't eat that.
So she picks up a fork and stabs him in the chin,just under the bone.
It went in right in to the end of the prongs.
Then she starts throwing the plates at him,So he runs out into the street with a fork sticking out of his chin.
The neighbours freak out and call the police,who turn up an arrest her.
After getting the fork removed,he finally kicked her out.
It took that much for him to kick her out,what a twat.
Ps he wears a beard now.
Look after the details,and the rest will look after it'self
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