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Originally Posted by Dougie
HOHO Mr Pants,yer doomed when she reads that!
She'll wait til ye've got chips or a kebab then bushwhack you!
On a serious note,why when women or kids are beaten or abused are folk up in arms (and rightly so) but when it's a fella on the receiving end it's a huge joke?

It was'nt so much the role reversal in MD's story more so his wording, now i've had some rum dates before now but the image of some half woman/ape monstrosity on the rampage with 2 newky brown.....ang on a mo..pmsl!!! lmao!!!....and to top it all the mad bitch had to be nutted into the bargain.

well its fuckin funny aint it lets face it. i wanna know if she had hairy shoulders.

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