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Originally Posted by Mad Dog
10 years ago, at a certain event that I have had a lot to do with:-

Friday night, one helluva a punch up erupted in a tent out in the campground.
Whoever was inside took a right pasting with the tent bulging this way and that as punches, kicks etc were rained down.
We went to investigate and found a geeza in a bad way and a very drunk woman. Eventually all went quiet.

Following day bloke appeared all sheepish and covered in bruises and cuts.

Later that evening (Saturday), same woman was running wild in the crowd in front of the stage. She was one tough looking bird with a number 2 cut hairstyle, covered in tats, quite muscely and waving 2 Newky Brown bottles around and evidently smashed out of her skull.

She proceeded to smash each of these bottles on her thighs

Then she started chasing people and trying to cut or stab them with the broken bottle necks.

We cornered her by the toilets, and, in the absence of any other reasonable way to restrain her, a quick headbutt knocked her clean out and we just stood aghast and relieved as she slid unconcious down the toilet door.

It was the braking of the bottles on her thighs that really shook us all up, never seen it done before or since by anyone.
absolutely hilarious!!

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