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Originally Posted by shad View Post
A bloke I met at a custom show once, turned up on an awfully nice, old Harley he had bought from a guy that had had it in his shed for over 3 years, then decided to get rid, yep you guessed it, the new keeper got stung for 3 years no tax, due to the old owner never telling Swansea that it was off road and unuseable, well that's what the guy told me anyways.
should've been the guy that had it in his shed that got the fine - that's what happened when I bought a car a couple of years ago - it had changed hands but coz the guys were mates they never thought about the paper work - I taxed it when I bought it then got an angry phonecall from the previous registered owner coz he got a fine - until he realised it was down to him and his mate not declaring SORN.
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