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Back home a day late so i'll stick some photos up tomorrow.

I haven't said anything about myself, so here goes!

I'm sort of 53, but tell everyone i'm 35 - been around bikes all my life. I've had all sorts from NSU, Sachs, Bantams, then onto a Tiger Cub and C15. Graduated to larger British single and twins, Jap 2 strokes, then onto Jap 4 cylinder 4 strokes - probably the same as anyone else of a similar age.

The last 10 years i've spent with crossers, trials and supermoto's, but that's all beginning to hurt too much!

I've currently got a '97 CBR600 that I want to do something radical with (if that's possible) and the above chop.

My mum and dad live in Spain - he's 80 now and has a Ariel Square 4 and a Jubilee version 850 Commando (although all he does is start them occasionaly now - says he's too old to get his leg over them)

Anyway, I don't want to bore you to death....

Should I move the 'help' part of this to another section of the forum now?
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