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Originally Posted by Sir Ewok View Post
It seems that UFO's have changed shape since the 'flying Saucer' days and oddly follow (maybe 15 years behind) the current crop of stealth fighter/bombers in use by NATO. Which probably means the triangle is a secret MOD aircraft that has not been revealed to the public (and hopefully the enemy).
I suspect the big black triangle is what is known as black military project. What Gary McKinnon alluded to from his hacking experiences. According to "Janes" which is the catalogue of all world aircraft, the black triangle is the most talked about and still the most secret air craft..
Its a regular sighting all over the world and I don't believe the military don't know what it is.
One was reported over a suburb of Birmingham last week and it's claimed to be over 300m or feet maybe long. It's silent and has the ability to be or go invisible. Technology which the military already has. As for the fact it is silent and can hover or very slowly move I'm not sure about what keeps it up or propels it.
Some ufo sightings of white lights are in fact the three solid white lights one on each corner of the triangle.
Although it has been seen with a deep red or purple light in between all three white lights or the centre of the triangle in other words.

Some say it's a Lockheed craft a TR3b or from "skunk works" but its all just guesswork. No one knows.
A senior Tory mp a few years ago had one hovering over his house in the middle of the night. I will try and find the article.

We've seen some very strange UFOs from our house. It's impossible to say if they are military or not. But they are nothing like anything we've ever seen before. We aren't bothered or frightened but some people might be. Especially when one flew in very slow and low right over our heads in the back garden and then accelerated off again. Just came to have a look at us. But it totally defied any logic. Quite surreal.
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