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Bmw's do cost more to run than a jap in line 4 in my expirience, they dislike neglect more and cost more pennies to fix. As has been said, what do you want the bike to do? Commute in all weathers, with minimal maintenence and bags of neglect and abuse, then buy a Honda, or other Japanese mile muncher, even my 300 rusty old rebel has managed 3 years of that and it was pretty shagged when I got it. My bmw's needed more fixing than the Honda has had in 3 years every year I ran them and drank more fuel but were sufficiently better for me to use them about twice as often. The best was the 500/4 with sidecar, so reliable it went everywhere hence the milage, such good fun everyone who knew of it liked it, even non bikers. As for Harleys they strike me as prettyer bmw's but reputedly with a bit less handling. Great charachter if you like it and 50% of owners say reliable 50% of owners say not. Doesn't seem to link to milage either, just some good uns some lemmons.
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