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"....... a loose group of moped nutters"...
Yeah rings a bell here with me

I've noticed it a few times, that under adrenalin power your mind and body work together in almost Bruce Lee like coordination.

On me burfday a while back, I was taken for a days shootin and quad biking on a huge farm. We rode the quads out to the valley where they do the shooting. It was clays be the way. I started off and shot like a total muppet, 5th pull and still hadn't even winged one.

Then old boy Clive who we know quite well know, told me off and said.... FFS, get your act together, you're bloody rubbish !! That made me angry and the adrenalin kicked in and then I shot a clay on every pull of the trigger for the next box and a half of cartridges.
We had a good laugh afterwards and we became good mates after a few more days quad biking and shooting since, with him taking the piss and all of us having a good laugh.

He laughed so hard at me trying to put my foot down motocross style around tree's on a quad , that he crashed his 4 wheel drive quad into another tree and got stuck.

The adrenalin...... its bloody good how it works.
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