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Oh they were. My mate used to work at Fords as a trainee tool setter. I haven't seen him since then, we all used to go around in a loose group of moped nutters, then sort of graduated on to various motorised MOT failures, be it bikes or cars!

This bike of his was an original really dog eared rat of a kwak z1, which we all told him to rat up (he was a very gullible chap but a bloody good mechanic/engineer!) so he did and it was a complete rat, a real bastard and bad at that. So we all s usual took the piss and told him he needed to go the whole hog: and as customary at that time told him he needed a Nico Baker frame, campiagnoli wheels, marzzochi forks and shocks, and a Mr Big Turbo (could've been a Mr Turbo not sure now!) and go to S&S performance in Hertfordshire and get it put together!

Anyway he sort of "disappeared" for about 8 months, just popped up to say hello now and again. Then early one Saturday he turned up at my house with this "beast". Complete with all the accoutrements as previously mentioned, plus a full racing fairing custom painted with a close encounters mural call " Close Encounters of the Turd Kind!". He did have a sense of humours! He spent a fortune on this bike, but then he did work at Fords lived with his Mum and didn't really do much but hang out with us loons at that time.

He chucked me the key and said take it for a "spin" but be careful and don't rev it too hard as "Things will start to happen!". I lived at home in Romford then and on a Saturday morning it was quite busy to say the least . now if you don't know Romford But there is a one way system with a Bus lane from Underneath railway bridge in south street leading up to a very sharp right hand bend with a pelican crossing at the apex! And there is a set of lights under the bridge as well.

I was leaning back with this beast waiting for the lights to change when this bloke came along side me on a Dunstall Honda revving the nuts of it! So the race was set! I lent forward gave a few handfuls of throttle, the lights changed, and then all hell broke lose! The bike cam up around me earholes and I shot forward just about teetering on the back wheel before flipping over backwards. I thought this is it I'm going to go home and tell him his P&J is lying up the High Street in bits! I just shut of the throttle and the bike instead of just dropping and going "bouncy, bouncy" it came down straight as a die, I remember looking sideways at a crowded bus stop with everyone gawping. Then I looked forward, and the lights at the pelican crossing had turned red! But all the people on it had stop to see what was making this banshee wail coming up the road! "OOH SHIT!" I grabbed handfuls of brake and did a near perfect stoppy!

My heart was in my mouth and my pants a decidedly brown colour! Then this bloke "poodled" up beside me on his Dunstall and was singing my praises saying he'd never seen a perfect bit of riding and what a fantastic machine.

I got back home and chucked the keys at my mate and said! "Ok, I believe you it does go a bit". I don't know why but I was only one he'd let ride the bike, hence the run at Santa Pod. If I had told him about the Romford incident I'm sure he would've changed his mind! It's not often I've been shit scared but that was one of them!
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