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Originally Posted by matthewmosse View Post
Unless I'm being thick (not unlikely/ wouldn't be the first time) then them's pushbike cables on that link I know where cable inners are available with ferules in town but they are to tighten on with a grub screw, good for roadside repairs but not very pernement so I solder them up when I'm in the shed, if Im in a hurry then I'll solder on some steel bar as a ferule, the thing always brake at the worst time and when I've no spares

You are absolutely correct sir, they are for pushbikes, but the fact remains that you can buy the correct ferrules and inners if you want to make your own, Mine seem to last forever and usually give plenty of warning before they go, but you could always carry an original spare, The last emergency repair to get me home I used a 5amp connecting strip, I was mixing the word solder with braze or weld...Sorry...John
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