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Originally Posted by fatgimp View Post
Yeah, after 38 years of riding a two wheeler I decided to make the mortal mistake and convert my '03 Roadking into a trike. For years I thought trikes were for girls, and old dorks. Now, with a major ankle and leg injury giving me problems, on top of being 62 years old, I will be converting my Harley into three wheels. Please, 'o lord forgive me! The up side is not needing a helmet or MC license. Kind of like the old days in Cali. and Alaska where I'm from. But what are the down sides to riding a trike, my brothers, Thanks, fatgimp.

this was a troll wasn't it?

& I kno's you don't feed the Troll, but I was thinking it'd be fun...

all the bits i boldened, were little hints & invites

else: theres a 62 yr old septic with a thin skin, fat wallet
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