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I turned my ad blocker and tracking blocker off and then tried the link.
Yeah there are a few adverts but no where near the level of yahoo uk..
Ads don't cause crashes unless there summat up with the pc.
Like very low RAM or other issues.

So can't see what the problem is.
But most sites have loads of adverts nowadays so if that's going to be a problem I'd best not post any more links..

But if anyone still hasn't got ad blocking software or an add-on to their browser I suggest getting one.

I use Firefox browser. (and Torfox)
Firefox is the best of all the regular browsers. Microsoft IE and chrome just aren't as good..

Torfox is for your more serious Internet user.
A lot more people are using Torfox for privacy, but it's not easy to set up and get it working right.
It's an experimental piece of software designed to be anonymous on the net.
Variable IP address situation using changing servers all over the world.
I haven't got anything to hide but I don't trust the authorities or the agencies.

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