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Hi rrunner! Greetings Frum Naarfuck as they say from around these parts of the UK. You have a mixed bag of err, reprobates on here, loosely kept in check by the like of BikerGran. There are some trikers and a few bikers on here. This forum follows one of the best UK custom magazines in the UK, No, I stand corrected: THE BEST UK Custom bike magazine in the UK!

There's been a change of editorship over the last year or so, for the better I might add. A lot of members have left and a few have newbies have arrived. What you have here is the hardcore Bravehearts that steadfastly live on, giving and receiving gentle banter and advise! ( I think a lot of it is to blame on age and dementia mostly!) I run a bog standard Yamaha Fazer 600, but there is a big trike scene over here in the uk.

I also confess to having a great interest in the American West, and also subscribe to Wild West magazine. I'm not sure how accurate they report on the history of The West and the Native Americans, and I must admit I haven't heard of the Zuni. Most of the articles about New Mexico seem to be associated with Billy the Kid!

Welcome to our forum, you will find a load of photos etc in one of the other sections. But the memory has now faded so just browse.
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