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Default dodgyphil

guardian reader? wow, you really dont know me. and so what if your wife is polish, i think, that as you started the newspaper readership idea, that you should perhaps read the tabloids less, or at least take everything you read with a huuuuge pinch of salt.
the nf reference was as i said, i was handed this exact poem by a guy rabble rousing for the nf in preston town centrein probably the early to mid 1990's, fact. and in all honesty, reading it, its more likely to be originally from the states rather than over here.
and as someone who works in many many job centres and benefits agency buildings, i can say that the majority of people on the other side of the glass, even in towns like burnley and blackburn, are white skinned, not asian or black. sure there are those who take the piss out of the system, but thats not a race thing, there are those who milk the system dry in every ethnic group.
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