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I've just had an interesting chat with the Chairman of 'The Local Parish Council'. I asked him for copies of the letters he's received - his reply - sorry cant do that. So I asked for the names of the complainants - his reply - sorry cant do that......reminded of that advert on telly 'Brand new customers only'.

So I asked him whereabouts in the village he lives. Reply - in the High Street.

So I asked how our bikes are more annoying than the lorries that used to thunder through before they were diverted onto by pass. He said thats why we campaigned for the by pass. So I said what about lorries delivering to pub, dustbin men and the buses that still go through at great speed. He said they cant be helped.

Anyway the crux of it is, I dont think he has had any complaints at all, I think its him that is bothered by us and because he's a crusty old fart with nothing better to do than complain. He actually stated that:

'Motorbikes thundering through a peaceful Village and causing polluted emissions to permetate residnet's homes are 'lowering the tone' and undermining the image that we as a Community are portraying'.

To which I replied, 'Sir are you familiar with the term DILLIGAF', of course he said, 'No I dont believe I am'.

So I said I'd send him a badge with explanation of the meaning, and guess what - the silly bastid thanked me and told me to have a nice day
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