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Originally Posted by shaggy696969 View Post
Beading is different and tyre sizes differ also, you will have problems.

Plus in this country Its a matter of law, do it if you arent bothered just remember insurance will be a issue in the event of a accident, I didn't say it would cause a accident although they may, but more importantly if you are unfortunate enough to have a bump, the Insurance can pick up on this and revoke any policy. Just trying to help, Plus as I have been reliably informed, Car Tyres at 15" are actually 3mm smaller in bead diameter so unless you blow up to about 100psi they will not seal on the rim, and being so tight on the rim can cause explosive results in use. Apparently and FYI 17" is the other way and car tryes are approx 3mm too large in comparrison to motorcycle rims of simmilar diameters.
The tires & beads were measured from both tires, they were the same dimensions, it may not be the case for all tires & cycle rims but in this instance they matched, The bead sealed fine. The tire has been mounted for 6 months with no loss of air pressure, friends of mine have had car tires mounted on sport bike rims for years without problems. It may not be the norm but it works in this situation. It's running at 40 psi.
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