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Originally Posted by happybiker View Post
Doesn't matter which way round the wheels are as long as they are symetrical. There may not be any legal definition about it in the pond you sit in but there is in ours.

Steering wheel, sitting in it , car type front suspension and steering box make it a car trike.

Handlebars, sitting on it and direct steering make it a bike trike.

Its a waste of a good bike engine.

If you want to post and boast, why don't you put it on a site where it belongs like R3w with the Reliants, Morgans, Peel's , Bonds , Grinnel's and Curvers etc. There are also a few kitcar makers that produce kits similar to your machine but at least they have the decency to call them what they are, KITCARS

If you want to see a proper trike with 2 up front, try and find pics of the one sbeachill built last year. The one's that were on this forum have now gone but someone maybe able to find them for you.
I'm not arguing with you it is a car type trike, but it's still a trike proper or not, I never seen anything here that the Trike forum was only for single front wheel bike type trikes, as I remember seeing a Blackjack Zero in the last issue of Trikes magazine. I guess on your opinion that does not belong in there either as that is also a car based trike with a bloody steering wheel.
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