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Originally Posted by Fayji
no its horses for courses
you will see a bike elsewhere and go wow thats for me

strangley i have never had a suzuki, none have made me go wow
I've had lots, latterly great big aircooled ones. Ran a website devoted to 'em, which gained me both friends and enemies...

They have, on occasion, made me go 'FUUUUUUUUUUUUU....' and 'OSHIIIIIIIII' due to the acceleration and brakes respectively...

First bites at the Harley takes me back to my early days of (big) biking - bikes that you can actually get yer spanners on - modify - tune... the wife is tonight berating me for looking at stuff to modify it before it's even turned a wheel on the road!

Odd how I have turned from the path of Jap so easily, but there is NOTHING japanese that was made in the last ten years that floats me boat at all.

Is this common? *worried of Cambridge* Or have I been subliminally corrupted by the horrific sight of Nik riding a cruiser in last month's ish...?

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