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The Seven Dwarves were granted an audience with the Pope.

All the dwarves pushed Dopey to the front, "Go on Ask him" they all said. Dopey shuffled forward.

"How can I help you, My Child" The Pope said

"Erm.. Your Eminence, do you have or know of a three foot tall Nun in the Vatican?" Asked Dopey.

The Pope thought for a minute and replied "No, My Son I do not."
dopey turned to his chums with a worried look as they giggled at him. Dopey turned back to the Pope

" Please your Holiness, could you tell me if their is a 3ft tall Nun in Rome?"

The Pope a little puzzled at this line of questioning looks over to his equerry who shakes his head.

"I'm sorry My Son but we have no such nun in Rome" Dopey starts wringing his hat with worry. The chums start sniggering behind him, He turns to them and shoots them a withering look, quietening them down a bit. Dopey turns back to the Pope

"Please your Graciousness could you tell if there is a 3ft tall nun in the whole of Italy then?" Dopey asks

The Pope raises his eyebrows as he looks to his equerry. the equerry just shrugs his shoulders. The Pope turns back to Dopey

" No I am very sorry My Boy (the Pope had a Jewish background) but we do not have any 3ft tall nuns anywhere. Why Do you Ask?"

At this point all the other dwarves fall about howling with laughter and start chanting

" Dopey shagged a penguin! Dopey shagged a penguin!"..
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