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Originally Posted by northernpesant View Post
Have no fear, the aforementioned trike has had an up grade on the rear as the reliant drums would not pull up the increased weight. This Trike now has subaru impreza rear axle with limmited slip to get us of the rally fields and subaru disks. It stops as quick as you like and it corners well.
This has been an ongoing work, I do the alterations to it over winter and MOT it before its put back on the road. The frount is being modified (again) this year as im not happy with the front axle weight being close to the tyres load carrying capacity, so it requires a different wheel.
Yes there is a need to know what you are doing, and doing the research is part of the fun of modifieing somthing like this. The problem is knowing your own limmits and finding people that can help when required. Is there realy a need to SVA a vehicle every time its modified, i am not in favour of a modification ban because that is a large part of the enjoyment of owning such a vehicle.
if you've altered the original reliant chassis in any way other than adding small tabs/brackets etc then legally you've created a new vehicle and it needs the dreaded vosa test. no ifs, no buts, it's black and white.
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