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Originally Posted by Fox View Post
The problem being Body type marked on the V5c, if the vehicle does not match the body type the tester must notify vosa and refuse to test. Ie if body type is Saloon or Regal van and your presented with a bare chassis with a couple of seats bunged on, it is neither and therefore should be Sva'd. Testers turning a blind eye will be pulled up on this when roadside checks flag this. It's for this reason many testers are already refusing to test.
agree. anything registered as a 'reliant' but has forks is a no-no.
is captaincondom really gonna risk his testers licence by passing some aquaintances' trike with a wink??
vosa pull up the trike for a 'routine check'... 'but it's all legal' says rider, 'look here's my MOT etc'... vosa visit test station...
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