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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
When I lived in Middleton (just outside Corby) there used to be a load of good independant bike shops knocking around. There used to be one just down the back on Rockingham Road in Kettering. Then there used to be two in Market Harborough. One on the main drag into the town and the other if I recall was behind the filling station just as you go in to Harborough on the old A427.

I always thought Mick Berrill had a fairly good reputation? The other one I remember was Mick Hemmings I think. Corby itself had a couple but the one that stuck with me was Corby Kawasaki. I think there was another one along Rockingham road in Corby as well. It's been years since I last went to Corby though.
I can't speak for Mick Berrill, I've had look at the used bikes there a couple of times. The shop guys seem decent.

Corby Kawasaki is still there not far from Rockingham raceway.
But its cheaper and quicker for me to order Kawa parts from Cradely Kawasaki and have them sent in the post.
Not sure about any other bike shops, the amount of investment and new roads in Corby is immense and I don't know my way round.
My mate at Greenhill racign who did the engine build on my supercharhged bike was at the back of Rockingham Raceway in a well concealed unit.
Smart idea considering the moneys worth of race bikes he had in there.
But he packed his bags and left and the unit has gone completely!

But my little lady says a lot of the bike shops have gone in Northampton compared to 25 years ago. The BMW car dealer is now doing BMW bikes and they have a "bikers cafe" in the dealer.

Mostly they are chucking up housing and shopping centres around Northants.

The King Billy is still open and having bikes and rock bands there.

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