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i do remember an alex there i thought he went of to work at a main dealers in northampton a "super market" type place which has now folded "fa cup handles" wernt that was a bloke called harvey? gobby bloke did the mot's and they rented a corner to a bloke called charlie who tuned scooters up i may be wrong it was a while ago now it was a good old fashoined bike breakers back then i was there for the summer the "boss" was a twat no one liked him.When i was there it was run by a guy who was a bouncer in the town as well a short stocky bloke with achne scars after i left i popped in a year or so later and it had all changed not a breakers anymore they were selling new grey inports had a quick chat with a mechanic who was in a mc club or so he said next time im round me mums i'll try find the photos of the tt 96 i think?
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