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Originally Posted by sgt d View Post
good people from what i remember sold jawa's cz's a crossers been around for ages ian kilner at revo's was a good bloke i worked at a bike breakers in northampton for a short while years ago "davrons" when i was 17 they bought there old stock of forks engines frames etc they were down st micheals rd i was dumped there for a week sorting it all out for the van trips there was loads of it up a down 2 flights of stairs! ian was really nice and the rest of em ncc blokes saw some nice builds going on about 2 years? later i went to the tt with my dad and he said hi at ramsey sprint i was suprised he rememberd me he let met and my dad sit on his drag bike a green fj1200? it was in bsh i had a sniff of the petrol (methonal?) they used it stank!!!
Blimey, that brings back memories. Davrons was well known for being blody mean when it came to prices. I used to supply them with workshop consumables. The bloke in charge was called Alex. He had ears like the FA Cup handles. Great bloke that could drink for England.

Unfortunately the bloke that actually owned Davrons, was a complete asshole. Everybody hated him. Alex used to order stuff for himself and I would put it on the owners invoice. Daft twat never caught on. I needed a pair of calipers for my FJ and told Alex. Alex found me a pair of R1 blue dot calipers in return for another order of stuff he needed for hiw own work. I never got round to fitting the calipers as Ian Kilner gave me a pair that fitted perfectly. I still have the R1 calipers.

I was calling at Davrons one day when there was a bit of a flurry outside the shop. The pykies were on the hunt for something to steal. Everyone rushed around locking stuff up. All except the owner of Davrons, he had left a Yamaha Majesty outside. The pykies had it away. The owner was going nuts because nobody would go to the pykie camp and get it back. Couple of hours later the owner of Davrons saw the Majesty parked up. He jumped on it and managed to get it started just as the pykies saw him. He roared off with the pykies chasing him to get "Thier" scooter back!! The pykies chased him all round town, even up on the pavement. He managed to get as far as the cop shop, parked on the pavement and ran into the cop shop. While he was telling the cops about it, the pykies roared off on the scooter.

The owner of Davrons called the shop and told one of the guys to come and pick him up, then take him back to his nice new shiny car. All of us just sat there drinking tea and laughing at him. In the end he got a taxi back to where his car WAS!! The pykies had that as well. Horrible bastard went bust in the end.

Alex went off on his own and opened his own bike shop. I used to suply his workshop. Very sad, but the poor sod died soon after from liver cancer.


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