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good people from what i remember sold jawa's cz's a crossers been around for ages ian kilner at revo's was a good bloke i worked at a bike breakers in northampton for a short while years ago "davrons" when i was 17 they bought there old stock of forks engines frames etc they were down st micheals rd i was dumped there for a week sorting it all out for the van trips there was loads of it up a down 2 flights of stairs! ian was really nice and the rest of em ncc blokes saw some nice builds going on about 2 years? later i went to the tt with my dad and he said hi at ramsey sprint i was suprised he rememberd me he let met and my dad sit on his drag bike a green fj1200? it was in bsh i had a sniff of the petrol (methonal?) they used it stank!!!
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