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lookoing to buy another car and saw one that vaguely fitted the bill so I phoned them up, told them what I'd got and my budget and would they consider this against the car I wa talking about, my budget being 7500 total and the car I was looking at 8990 or therabouts, and said that I would come down and talk if there was "wriggle room" but don't waste both our time if not as IU would need to drive att least an hour to two hours to get to them. The sales girl said yes. Yesterday morning I phone to confirm everything and spoke to another sales prat named "Kieran" (the name says it all) Who said that "Brandi" was ourt aide and could he help? So I went through a shortened speel about what I was about to come down and see, and he said that "sorry but Brandi had got it wrong and that the car I was interested in would not be in the price range that I had descussed with Brandi" I told him to fuck off and not interfere with someone else's negotiation, it wasn't his desicion to sell me the car, so but out!" I really hate sales staff trying to fuck up a sales because they won't win and get the commission. I've had this so many times when buying cars in dealerships! So I didn't get down to Wings in Peterborough in the end. I got an email from the girl saying that "Kieran" had put her in the picture re my budget, ( Ithoughr I had already told her that!) and would look for another car for me and email me back at the end of the day! I'm still waiting for that email! I can't wait to get the next phone call... I tell her what a prat "Kieran" is!
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