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Originally Posted by Sir Ewok View Post
HOS as a Union Rep I learnt that contracts are not worth the paper they are printed on. Probably a clause somewhere where they have the right to change the terms and conditions whenever THEY feel necessary or alongside inflation etc. By all means have a go, you never know and sometimes they twats think they have been clever but unknowingly set a booby-trap in the contract that catches them out.....

On the subject of cars and MPG, I'm not sure what mine does, I just fill it when it's thirsty and use it........

Most contract law is fairly simple, this is more like a retail contract.
I made and agreement with them to provide me with a range of agreed services.
As soon as they start significantly changing the terms which were agreed at start up, then the contract becomes void as in this case. But they are the ones voiding it, they will realise soon when I tell them.
I was a design/project manager in construction so I was quite good on contractual stuff, its part of the job. I amused to dealing with awkward blightaz.
There is also a "fit for purpose" element in the care services they provide.
A duty of care and of course the care act.

In construction some subcontract companies have to be nailed to the contract terms and BofQ and will push it all the time usually looking for extra money, or trying to substitute a specified product for something much cheaper or less durable, or generally looking for extensions of time = more money, or dong extra work which was not not called for so they can try and claim more money, and plenty more and one of my daily jobs was to make sure the client ie the company or individual paying for the building work isnt over charged and there are some very sharp operators out there, but with experience you know the early warning signs and you are then prepared for the incoming claims for additional payment which then have to be evaluated and accepted or rejected.

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