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Cool 2.50 Curry Buffet in Cardiff

And believe it or not the grub was lovely. Alright, the only meat was chicken wings in the principle sauces instead of breast meat but, there was 12 options including rice, Naan and bhajis. there was a Tikka masalla, a korma, loads of vege stuff which was actually nicer than the meat options. And quite a few Potato options in there.

All in all 10/10 for Value.

Kismet, City road Cardiff. Can't beat it for value. A pint of Draught is 2.50 and bottles of premium indian beer are 4 (big bottles)

You could also order off a standard menu. We went at 17.30 and everything was fresh cooked with piping hot naans and Bhajis... guts wre fine afterward abefore you start.
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