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thats a serious bit of insanity a busa with more power eeeeek and remember getting over leamington with friends years ago for the odd piss up, even at 17 we used to pack up on a fri nite and a load of us would head off to some obscure rally and heres me on one of my bikes at 19 which was bought off a guy in studley as an unfinished project and oh my god i had hair once lol also ran a cb900 which didn't handle either and owned gpz's etc around that time !!!! i had a wet dream hondamatic also which was a nightmare and truly thirsty
god those kettles were dangerous in the wrong hands
picture of back wheel is a current sidecar build thats gone a bit mad lol give me my angle grinder I'm coming in, also heres sidecar modded with yam r6 suspension and wheel has twin brakes fitted so it'll operate off a dual system, its an old squire sidecar by the way and also has an anti roll bar setup fitted to the sidecar
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