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Originally Posted by HOS View Post
It was a hell of a time to be alive and on a bike.
All my mates were bikers. Leamington and Warwick were biker towns and seemed to be the epicentre of the bike clubs in the early days. When I was a kid, just 17 I used to occasionally go in the Colonnade pub for a beer not knowing that Maz Harris drank in there.

My local was a new estate pub called The Bout Time. It was a bikers only pub none of the locals went in there.
We all carried weapons and drank and rode. Seemed a bit like the wild west compared to sanitised life today.
Boon aka Michael Elphic had a biker pub in Henley in Arden. In Leam the two I drank in were the Somerville Arms and the Black Horse. There was loads more bikers pubs and in Warwick.
Your right there it was a great time

Looking back i wouldn't have missed it for the world even the New forest weekend was a great party until it went tits up

Sunday lunchtime with mabe 50 bike's outside the pub how I miss those days
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