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Originally Posted by harry View Post
Titusni If you check the MOT manual you find no requirement for a speedo at all. A speedo is required by construction and use regulations (C&U) and for type approval or MSVA a pre registration test. So the tester can't fail you for a lack of one or incorrect markings on it. BUT a copper on the road can do you for not having one cos he uses C&U regs.
I was focusing to the Northern Ireland situation, so maybe my choice of words weren't the best regarding the GB situation.

According to the "Motor Vehicle Testing Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003" the MOT testers will apply regulations 40 & 41 from "Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1999" regarding speedometers. Regulation 40 of C&U(NI) requires a bike, trike, or car to be fitted with a speedometer capable of indicating speed in both MPH and KPH either simultaneously or switchable between the 2 displays.

So a dual marked speedo *IS* required for bikes, trikes, cars, etc to pass a MOT in Northern Ireland as well as being a legal requirements for vehicle use on the road.

Whereas in GB you can pass a MOT without a speedo fitted but legally must have a speedo fitted when using the vehicle on the road (though the speedo can be MPH only).

The point being that someone in Northern Ireland can buy a 2nd hand trike that's been happily MOTed in GB for several years (with a MPH-only speedo so legal for GB road use) and then some time in the following 12 months they take it for its 1st MOT in Northern Ireland and suddenly they're surprised to find that its fails as the speedo isn't dual-marked.

If you compare the NI and GB versions of RVLR and C&U and also the MOT testing regs there are quite a few subtle differences.
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