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Originally Posted by titusni View Post
Irishbiker, I assume you're based in Northern Ireland in which case you should we aware that the likn Mitch posted refers to the GB MOT. The NI MOT for bikes (and certainly for trikes) is slightly different than the GB one (i.e. NI requires speedos to be dual MPH/KPM marked whereas a MPH only speedo is fine in GB).

Mitch I applaud your idea of getting rid of misinformation but it's harder than you think. Titusni If you check the MOT manual you find no requirement for a speedo at all. A speedo is required by construction and use regulations (C&U) and for type approval or MSVA a pre registration test. So the tester can't fail you for a lack of one or incorrect markings on it. BUT a copper on the road can do you for not having one cos he uses C&U regs.
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