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Posted for someone else.

An Electraglide 1985 classic 1340 has been stolen from sandringham rd in london.

The bike was in matt military green with a white star either side of the tank and "506th E - Comp." on the front fender and on the luggage "we stand alone fight together" on one pannier and on the other " for the few the surviving and fallen".

Single seat option was on the bike more details and pics follow with frame and engine numbers.

the 1340 motor was early evo cylinders with a shovel gear box....

awaiting the owner to advise on reward ect .......

Keep a look out as this bike was done by me to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the D - Day landings !!!!!!!

any parts of electraglide in matt green and HD evo 1340 motors are suspect and cast black wheels going as well as front ends with large shroud clocks.....this bike was around 14,000 miles with a red light that light up as you hit 55 mph.

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