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Originally Posted by Jus1
I got done for no tax no insurance no mot unlawful pillion defective lights and brakes failing to stop no less than 6 times before I was 16

when I finally turned 16 I was banned from obtaining a driving licence for the above convictions ....

oooooh me miss spent yooof .....

is not the same as these lads ... but I lived in squats and on the streets lived hand to mouth when I was 12 > 17 .... "theiving scum" sometimes JUST SOMETIMES have a need to be just that ....

and this bit really wont be very popular comment ..... do ANY OF US ask where the "set of forks" came from @ the breakers? ... they're 80 mate with callipers, master cyl and wheel ... .DONE AND DONE AND DONE!
no questions asked right? - cheap part! ... lovely!!!!!!

Stolen bikes are as often stripped and sold on ebay / breakers as they are changed to ride about on / track etc....

not the most popular thing I've written #I am sure ....
Not a problem for me, al my bikes are old, and no-one nicks them to sell the parts, so I know my stuff is not nicked!!!
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