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Austin 7 owners do help keep up demand and supply, however I think the cunning buggers at avon also softened the compound to increase grip but decrease life of the tyres, I recon I got 30,000 miles out of the tyre already fitted when I got my first outfit, but nearer 10,000 for the replacements. Don't think I rode that much faster but it was my first outfit and I did start off riding like a grandma and eventually became a bit of a fool pulling u turns at 60mph on dual caridgeways.
Either way, as tyres I'd highly rate their 3.50/19 sidecar tripple duties and the 400/18 sm mk11 tyres for the rear of outfits. I've done a lot of miles on these tyres and found them to be very predictable and grippy even under silly loads (carring a 1000cc bmw in the sidear) and in silly weather - ie snow. Only time I've been tempted to look elsewhere was trying a steep hill on compacted snow on my bmw outfit where trail tyres might have helped.
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