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I don't know if this is true, but I thought Avon only continued making these because Austin 7 owners are buying enough to make it worth their while?
I tried one on a CX500/Squire, (leading links, 125 x 15 back wheel and lowered suspension all round) but it was dreadful, no grip on corners so I went back to a bike tyre after a week. But, some people here rate them so perhaps they're 'better' than they used to be?
BTW, leading links don't make a difference to how much the tyre 'leans' when turning, thats determined by the headstock angle. They alter trail to change the effort you need to steer. If you raise or lower the forks, that'll change the headstock angle relative to the road - push the legs up through the yokes and your tyre leans less as you turn the bars.
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